Friday, October 26, 2007

Linkstigational: New (or new to me) Sports Blogs

I hate linking. It takes a long time, exposes the fact that even making links stretches my HTML ability, and most readers already have seen the content I link to. If you read and like my stuff, chances are you read the blogs I like as well, right? But when new blogs appear (or blogs I hadn't seen before), I will make an exception. There have been so many in this last month, I've actually had to split this column in two. First, some bigger names in new and improved roles; next time, some newer writers that you should read.

Cosellout is a fascinating read; the man is a fact-spewing cannon in defending the unpopular (Isiah Thomas) and re-evaluating popular sports folk (Rick Reilly, Steve Nash). Check out his Steve Nash post.

D-Wil is back at his home site, but is still as provocative and ornery as ever. I envy his ability to analyze media content rapidly and understand where arguments are weak and biased. For example, he points out that Keyshawn Johnson essentially betrayed and sold out Chad Johnson, his cousin, for a cheap 5-minute interview.

Matt Ufford is quietly writing a great NFL column over at the AOL Fanhouse this year. Maybe it's just me, but I haven't seen much mention of it on other blogs, and that's a shame. (Ahem, Fanhouse; your format makes it impossible to separate the fruit from the rind.) I was initially a little suspicious of its content given the pretentious-sounding "The Prelude" title, but it won me over quickly. Anytime a blogger can mention the Vicksburg Campaign and other great battles of war in a column, I want to read that column. Ignore the scurrilous rumors that my real reason for liking the Vicksburg Campaign is because the town name of "Holly Springs" sounds like the name of a pretty girl; they are 95% false. Ok, 80% false.

Finally, this Stop Mike Lupica fellow actually believes a link from MC Bias is worthwhile. Yet another blogger believes I have multiple readers. Wow, bloggers are gullible. Head on over there to keep up the charade, especially those of you of the left-handed persuasion. Watch the GI Joe cartoons and mock him for forgetting Bill Russell on his famous NBA left-handers list, ok?


  1. You should be aware that linking is the core concept of blogging:
    "Have you seen THIS. HE thinks... SHE thinks... and I think..."
    So that make at least three links per post.

  2. Linking. Helping the little guy out since... um... 2007?