Monday, October 22, 2007

Posterized: White Men Throwing Heat Edition

Sorry the posters aren't that funny this week; had a hard time thinking of subjects.

My quick rant this week is on Favre. It's fascinating how his decision to not retire looks when viewed at different time intervals. Here's what the Packers record has looked like in the past 3 years:
8-8 (4-8 followed by a 4 game win streak)

So if you looked at the Packers record in 2005 or midway through 2006, his decision to return looked awful. It appeared as if the Packers were plunging into the basement after years of above-average records. But if you look at the Packers now, it appears as if that 4-12 campaign was the only losing season in a decade of winning or .500 level seasons. And guess what? Even with the recent success, it's still hard to say whether Favre's decision was wrong or right until 3-4 years after he retires. Suppose the Packers go 2-8 for the rest of the year. Then experts might say that the Packers had 0 winning seasons since 2004, and that Brett had made a mistake in returning. This is why it's really hard to evaluate whether a certain decision is wrong or right, because your time frame limits you.

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