Sunday, October 7, 2007

Posterized: Midwest Tough

I was hoping to feature all sorts of exciting action from the first round of the baseball play-offs...and three of the series are already sweeps. Oh well, more time for Indians/Yankees. (Click poster for larger view)

For my mini-rant, I'd like to thank the New York City media for doing their usual freak out job when confronted with anything different. Little did I know that the hordes of summer mites (aka Canadian Soldiers) in Game 2 were such a threat to life and limb. It's hard for us Midwesterners to compete in suffering with the Florida hurricanes, California fires, and Texas heat; maybe that's why we're sometimes stereotyped as nice and quiet. East Coast might talk smack to your face, South talks smack behind your back, West Coast, um, does smack, but the Midwest! Ah, we let our actions do the smack-talking. We heroically trudge through swarms of flies, mixed with snow. That's us earnest Midwestern types. Is this a good time to mention that I have jogged through swarms of summer mites without swatting once? Yes, that's me, Midwest tough. Please, ladies, don't swarm to me all at once--although of course, if I can handle those vicious, 1 millimeter, non-biting mites, I can handle any swarm.

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  1. It's always fun when announcers that spend most of their time on the coasts come to the Midwest for games. At Lambeau it's like they can't believe anybody lives where it's cold, and people eat bratwurst and cheese curds. Sometimes they act like they're visiting another country.