Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Artist of the Week: iJustine

A new(er) weekly feature is introducing you to artists around the Web whose content deserves your eyeballs. Some of the artists I'll profile are well-known Youtube stars; others are more obscure. Today's choice is iJustine, of tastyblogsnack and She's best known for being a cute girl who loves electronics, especially Apple. While one might quibble that her fame is built on a rather tenuous foundation, she is creative and quirky in her videos. Judge for yourself below.

What she's most famous for: the I-Phone bill. Frankly, this video is a little boring to me, but 1 million people can't be wrong, right Ralph Nader/Ross Perot voters?

What I like the best: video, which makes me laugh hysterically. I love over-aggressive, panting, chuckling cameramen!

Also, her tanning in the snow video is fun (watch the end especially): EAST COAST SIDE!

Finally, the Lifecasting video has some amusing and creative use of props plus singing.

Let me know in the comments about your favorite artists on-line (and how Michaelangelo is spinning in his grave that we call people with video cameras "artists". I couldn't think of another term!)

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  1. An artist that I've I found interesting lately, YOU. While I cetainly don't agree with everything you throw out here. I think that is what makes it worth the read.