Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Linked Bias: Sports Blogs do actual reporting?!

Outside of D-wil and TSF, it's rare to see blogs do reporting or major interviews. But my colleagues over at the Cobra Brigade put their reputations on the line a few months ago by saying that Kelvin Sampson may soon be fired. They took a lot of criticism for that, but they've been proved right with the recent news that Sampson apparently violated NCAA regulations again. Just to show off their skills, Jack Cobra wrote about Scott Skiles possibly being the new Indiana coach, explicitly said in the post he wasn't breaking news...and now there's a possibility that Skiles will be the next coach. Grr, now I feel the need to show off my journalistic skills and go interview a bowler or something.

I'd like to welcome new blogger S.O.L. to Blogville; his blog The End Guard has an article about how fans in Buffalo are affected by the Bills playing games in Toronto. He makes a great point; Buffalo fans LOVE the Bills, while Toronto fans are more likely just to like the NFL in general. Owners are better off with a small, enthusiastic fan base rather than a large, apathetic one, although I do feel bad for Buffalo's owner, who apparently has tried to do all he can to pay the bills and stay in Buffalo. Um, yeah, sadly I didn't notice the "pay the Bills" pun until after I typed it. Moving on...

Also, read Signal to Noise's take on Devean George's block on the Nets trade. Devean George is a veteran who is on his way out of the league. There's no way he would be signed by any team if he spends the last year of his contract benched behind Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson in New Jersey, so it made perfect sense for him to block the deal.

Finally, D-Wil perfectly embodied my own feelings about Shaq's chances for success in Phoenix. If Shaq does well in Phoenix, it looks like he was faking injury in Miami; if he does poorly, then it looks like he trapped straight arrows Steve Kerr and Mike D'Antoni into trading for his broken-down body. Good comments on this post, as well.


  1. You're right man, life's been tough ever since that first Sampson post we had. Rampage had to move, I had to change my phone number, Paine is in the process of moving, no one will return our calls and everyone questions what we write.......rough life.

  2. Just the last four comments were true. Rampage already lives out of town.