Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sports and...Love: My Perfect Valentine

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to hear from a lady sports fan what combination of sports and romance would win her heart. Top Pistons' fan Natalie of Need 4 Sheed, graciously accepted a guest blog invitation to explain the perfect day to us unwashed blogger masses. Her words follow.

I’m sure I’m not the only woman who would enjoy the perfect sports themed Valentine’s Day. Let’s get one thing straight first, I’m not turning down any Ice if it comes my way, but I wouldn’t be offended if February 14th, was mixed with my love of The Pistons and the special someone I love. (MCBias note: being a Cleveland fan, I didn't recognize the ice in the picture at first. Sigh.)

Every girl would love flowers and breakfast in bed to start off the day right but, give me an hour or so with the 1989-90 Pistons Championship Box set on a big screen and I’m smiling from ear to ear. As far as presents go, I will take anything Pistons related except maybe a Pistons jersey from the teal era, any self respecting Pistons fan who knows better anyway. If you really want to impress, scrounge up a vintage Joe Dumars bobble head and you will have one happy girl on your hands.

If you’re going to go all out on the perfect night for me it would have to be courtside seats at The Palace of Auburn Hills for a Pistons game. No need for candlelight, the flames at the Palace will put me in a romantic mood. I don’t need a fancy dinner, I’ll take the courtside waitress bringing drinks and snacks. I mean how can you go wrong when Sheed is 10 feet away, the only thing you need to get out of your seat for is a thunder dunk and you have your sweetheart is by your side? If a Cavalier beat down just so happens to end the night, who knows what could happen.

Gasp! My heart is given over to Lebron the Pure and his band of valorous men, and I've let a traitorous Pistons fan on to my site! Forgive me, Sir Lebron! haha. My thanks to Natalie for contributing a column, and make sure to visit the graphical gathering, the Pistophonic pandering, the sheedtasticly stupendous site that is

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  1. Meanwhile the Piston girls will be putting your sweetheart in a romantic mood.