Friday, February 8, 2008

Bloggolalia: Top Blog Entries of 2007

Here are some of my favorite entries of 2007. I originally sent this off to a blog, but they were unable to follow through with the series. So here it is, better late than never, to pay tribute to the best! It's a top 5 more than a top 10, because I'm lazy.

A favorite category is when bloggers go out there and grab a story, doing actual reporting.

D-Wil, formerly of and now of, worked very hard on the Michael Vick story, doing actual reporting, and had information and perspective one couldn't find elsewhere. For example, he broke the Michael Vick plea deal announcement before the AP, to my knowledge:

Larry Brown Sports chased down the RGX Body Spray girl for an interview. The degree of difficulty on this one is huge—I'm not even sure how he found out her real name! Even better, she turned out to be a pleasant woman to talk to, and Larry asked classy, inspired questions.

I like it when bloggers hold bigger media accountable. Examples:

Stop Mike Lupica goes after Will Leitch. His complaint may have been not 100% correct (although I never got linked to before this blog was written). But I give SML credit for posting this at the height of "If I'm mean to Deadspin, I'll never get linked again" hysteria. The comment section of this one might be even funnier than the blog itself.

Mizzo interviews Dan Le Batard, and they touch about a million hot buttons. High on the list is Mizzo asking Dan about his interview with Tim Hardaway. It'll take you forever to read it all, but it's worth it.

I cannot tell a lie; one of my own blogs is on my list. A few months ago, I wanted to rank sports blogs according to comment sections, but I didn't want to come off as a suck-up. For extra fun, I decided to fake schizophrenia. It actually kind of worked: judge for yourself here.

To make up for my narcissism, here's one for all of you bloggers. Your coverage of the Sean Taylor story was excellent. While mainstream media members were coming up with wild theories and disrespecting the dead, BLOGGERS were the voices of reason telling people to wait and see and shooting down the cruelty in the coverage. Chris Mottram, D-Wil, Unsilent Majority, and so many others got this one right to start with, and for that I'm proud to be a sports blogger. I can't link to you all, so this will have to do:

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