Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will Leitch Book Tour: Leitch-a-palooza!

To celebrate my one-year blogging anniversary (2/11, to be precise), I went to the Will Leitch Book Tour stop. Photos, videos, and made-up captions resulted.

Will reads an excerpt from the John Rocker interview in his best John Rocker voice.

"Hey kids, want to hear a story about Chris Berman?"

"I have right here, in my hand, the secret to becoming a popular blogger."

At this point, Will rounded up some volunteers to help him reenact the John Rocker interview from his book.

Unfortunately, soon afterward Will broke down when forced to confront his true feelings for Rick Ankiel.

Onlookers began to whisper and look disappovingly at the unmanly show of emotion.

Will tried to speak through the tears and choked throat, but he faltered once more when remembering the one-year anniversary of Barbaro's passing:

The volunteers tried to avoid visibly reacting to Will's grief, but the conflict was evident on their faces.

Thankfully, after Will took a sip of water, he was strengthened and able to continue.

Realizing the tension in the air, Will won the crowd over during his Q&A with his comments on Stephen A Smith and whether Will considers himself a web star.

The crowd was once again won over and lined up to have their books signed by Will. (I opted for a hand-drawn photo of Barbaro, which Will drew in classic cave art style circa 9000 BC. It has four limbs! I think.)

In the end, the night was a success, as seen by the smiles of the Deadspin readers pictured.

Here are Will and friends at the after party, greeting those of you who couldn't make it. Please turn your speakers down so to limit auditory damage from the braying donkey voice of the cameraman.


  1. I'd imagine that at this point Leitch is pretty tired of reading his own book....

  2. Nice stuff here. It's too bad he isn't coming through CT. I think it'd be great if he did a book reading up near Bristol close to ESPN.

  3. Nice post, MC Bias. I like this part of the video clip the best:

    "...if you put your name out there... that's why I never understand why people get upset when people critize them if they are a writer... if people are hammering you, that's because you are part of the arena. You probably shouldn't be a writer or blogger... you should be a banker..."

    Hmm. Interesting.

    Hope you guys did lots of shots last night. Nothing better than starting off the week with a hangover.

  4. Jack Cobra, you're probably right, ha.

    Ian, good point! I wonder if any ESPN'ers would stop by...

    SML, I am torn on what to think of that statement. A writer isn't a politician; it's not a position that is defined by debate and criticism. While understanding Will's point, I think that right now, perhaps bloggers are a little too critical of the mainstream media, and not critical enough of themselves. That's where I come in, of course, heh.

  5. MC,

    Good post. I think the answer lies in each blogger's goal. I do appreciate your posts because I learn new stuff around the blogosphere that I didn't know about.

    However, my own personal policy is never to be negatively critical of blogs because in my mind "there are bigger fish to fry".

    Besides, I'll let you fry those fish!