Friday, February 8, 2008

Super Bowl 42 Tears Families Apart!

Or maybe not. Still, I was entertained by Kristine's video on AOL Fanhouse. She's a Patriots fan, to the best of my knowledge. Her dad and brother are Giants fans. Thus, at the end Kristine resignedly congratulates her dad and brother on the big Super Bowl win. It made me laugh, for some reason--looks like congratulating them caused her physical pain, ha.

Do watch the AOL Fanhouse Minute if you haven't already; watch each weekday via The ladies are funny, well-spoken, and cute, and it's just one minute long.

By the way, some of you have asked why I'm posting so much lately. For one, hits have been rather high recently, so I feel like I should ride out this trend until the market no longer supports so much posting. Also, my one-year anniversary of this blog is February 11th. At the same time, I have stacks of "saved draft" posts that have been getting stale in my inbox. Thus, I thought it best to flush out the system to coincide with the end of the NFL season and the impending one-year site anniversary. Expect posting to drop significantly once we reach February 11th.

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