Thursday, February 7, 2008

McBias's Moderately Magnificent Mixtape, 2007 Edition

I looked back at this year of blogging and picked out some favorites. Most of you didn't read this blog all year, so I figured this would be an indulgent, narcissistic stroll down memory lane. I didn't blog in January and November, so we have a top 10 list!

February: We are Tim Hardaway

March: Supporting OJ Mayo

April: I covered a sporting event live! Ok, it was the WNBA draft, but hey, it's a start. Definitely my best month of blogging; hard to pick my best entry here.

May: I had a dream about the Patriots wide receiver corps, sans Randy Moss alleged battery. This was the sign I was a little too addicted to blogging.

June: I covered the Cavs play-off journey closely. I still think that the Pistons' lack of backcourt depth is their Achilles heel come play-off time.

July: I resorted to schizophrenia to express my appreciation for Alyssa Milano. Features the worldwideweb debut of MR CAPS.

August: Blogging Laws I like to Break, Part 3. I successfully closed my efforts to annoy all my blogging friends at once.

September: From Random Sports Crush to...Interview subject?! I interviewed WNBA player Erin Buescher after having previously profiled her as a Random Sports Crush. I even got a link to's TrueHoop out of it.

October: Artistic effort to get inside Shawn Marion's head and understand why he wanted out of Phoenix. The idea was great; concept was a little mediocre.

November: I did have a good post for this month, but only posted twice. So forget it.

I used to be a Kobe Bryant hater back in the day, but now I think he gets a bad deal most of the time.

So what did you think about my blogs this year? What did you like, and what did you dislike? The comments belong to you.

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