Friday, February 29, 2008

Map of Sports Bloggerland

I was wondering the other day how the major sports blogs I know of break down in terms of their content. Some blogs focus on being funny and light-hearted, while other blogs focus on serious content that educates the reader. Some blogs focus on finding novel content on the web and then re-packaging it by clever re-writes or re-tellings of stories, while other blogs focus on producing their own content via interviews, graphics, and self-described videos. I want to make it clear that I'm not producing this map to say that one type of focus is better than another. I just want to make a point about where major blogs fall via bizarrely colored Excel graphs (click to enlarge):

First, to no one's surprise, blogs that are funny and find content dominate.
Second, it's surprising that there are so few blogs that focus on finding serious content. Perhaps that's because this is what sites like and do best, and we can't compete with that? Regardless, that's why I started the SmartSports link feature on Thursdays; it seems to be an under-represented category.
Third, the other big surprise is the lack of blogs that create funny content. I admittedly was demanding on my definitions; by create, I mean that you either break new news, or make your own photo/video content. Perhaps some of the sites that do fictional re-creations of serious stories should get more creating credit than I gave them.

So now that you know where the gaps are--is it worthwhile starting a blog to find smart sports stories, or to start a blog to create funny sports videos? I'm not sure. There are a lot of people who love reading funny sports stories; are there as many people who are willing to wait for your weekly "FunSports" video as would want to read 20 stories modified from other news sources? Maybe not. But it's still an interesting gap to be aware of.


  1. By the power of Zoltan! oh wait...

    WTP, blogger allows you to change the date to any post. For whatever reason, I like to have only one post to one day; so if I have two post ideas on the same day, I bump that second post to the next day. I actually think it makes no difference on Google Reader, and I probably should have waited until toomorrow to post this. Oh well.

  2. Wow, awesome post. Great graph.

    KSK is in the wrong place - it's a "creates content" blog, not "finds content" blog, like Yaysports. It belongs on the bottom half.

    But yeah, super breakdown. This is what's up!

  3. SML, I realized that afterward--KSK was a tough blog to place. I was thinking of "Creating content" more as in doing interviews, making graphics, and doing your own research. But the KSK Mock Drafts and the KSK fictional stories they write about athletes...that's more creating than finding.

    I also should have thought about the Dugout as a creater of funny content--forgot them. I still would say, though, that the category is much more empty than one would think. I realize not all of us are attractive enough to do video commentary, ha, but there are plenty of other ways to create content. (Oh, and should also put EDSBS and The Basketball Jones in the category of creating some content with their audio projects).

  4. Check out basketbawlful (, I think that blog clearly falls under create funny content.

    How does a blog get on your blogroll and in Link Bias?

  5. Large stacks of cash! Just kidding. RGM, a link in a post is fairly easy--just send me the link, and if I like it, I'll include it. The blogroll is a little more sacred--I try to only include bloggers I like, who aren't necessarily super mainstream, and who keep it PG or a soft PG-13. But send me your blog in mind, and if it fits, I'll be happy to put it up.