Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jesus Plays Sports: David Tyree, Eli Manning, and More

I love how David Tyree comes across in this video. He's rather humble about the whole thing. I appreciate as well how Eli is willing to admit that it wasn't his best throw. After seeing Strahan's "stomp" comment on video, I wasn't so pleased with Giant sportsmanship.

And what the guy says in the end is worth listening to as well. It wasn't that the Giants won because Tyree was such a great Christian; many Patriots are also believers. No, it's about doing your best, and then still acknowledging God, win or lose. Take a look:

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  1. Wow, you are posting more regularly than before! Sounds like you are a born-again blogger, my friend.

    Aside from Michael Strahan's unfortunate comment, I think the Giants are still much more humble than most Super Bowl winning teams. During yesterday's Knick game, there were like 8 Giants in attendance, and most of them got interviewed by MSG network. Almost everyone used "teammates", "team effort", etc. in their responses. Very bland stuff, but also very telling. Not even a bit of superstar ego. That Giant team has to be, like the TB Bucs team from a few years back, the team with the least number of "stars" on it to win a Super Bowl in a long time.